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​Profiles by Fossett
A Personality:
​​We were all born with one. It shapes the way we perceive the world around us. How we process information, and how we arrive at a conclusion. Our core beliefs, life lessons, and culture provide lenses or a set of rules that filter our opinions and our beliefs. This is what makes each individual so unique. Our core personality, is fixed, it does not change, but the way we are raised and our life’s lessons do change our identity or how others “see” us.   (How Society Works)

In an ever growing trend, corporations and businesses use these details to determine who to hire. Online dating services use the information to potentially introduce people who are compatible based off of their respective personalities. Law firms, also use this information to help them select juror’s more inclined to find in their clients favor, whether their client is the State, or a “person” presumed innocent.

​An online search will return multiple choices for “DIY” testing and consulting services proclaiming their way, is the best. And...If you feel the testing is preventing you from finding a job, you are most likely correct.. A quick search will return tutorials on how to beat the written tests. 

Not sure who you are? It is so much easier for us to look at the people who are in our lives and understand who they are, than it is for us to understand these simple truths about ourselves. Even taking a personality tests often just returns labels that describe. I think this is because we are on the inside, looking out, rather than the outside looking in.

Profiles by Fossett uses a concrete and specific (“cold read”), which employees several different models of identifying personality qualifiers. The criteria observed, is then used to accurately “label” and identify an individua’ls inventory. Specifics which can then be used for the purpose of finding the right employee for a position, finding a suitable career to pursuit, finding a compatible life partner, and identifying issues related to recovering core beliefs, and life lessons for the purpose of matching how you “talk”, with how you “walk”. (why this is important) and understanding the other people who are in our lives.

Since people are beginning to “trick” the tests, it is my opinion that a “cold read” is more accurate because it measures things a test can not.